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Fresh Start Ministries is a growing ministry full of people from all backgrounds of life!  One thing we have in common... we believe that Jesus is the Son of God who gave up His life so that we can experience the life that He gives!


We are a ministry that is not perfect, but serves a savior who is.  FSM is a place of transformation through His grace and truth.  We're a non-denominational church that loves Jesus and loves people!  We would love to meet you, so come and check us out! 


Our mission is to equip our community with the truth that is revealed through scripture and demonstrated within.  By allowing God to lead us to invite family, friends, neighbors, and work associates to Fresh Start, we can lead them to a personal relationship with Christ.


Our Vision is that hundreds of new believers will build a radical relationship with Christ.  This is the result of believers preparing, planning, and praying for God's leadership in the leading of those hundreds.  We, as believers will change lives as we introduce them to our Savior, Jesus Christ.


We Love, Serve, and Give!!!!

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